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How Much?

Our pricing is based on several factors. So, here is the structure.

1. Registering a Domain Name: This is usually about a $25 fee. When you ask us to acquire your domain name, we can do so using YOUR information so there is no doubt about who owns your domain. Note: It is also possible to register a domain using our name or a domain proxy (which will hide domain ownership) if you are concerned about your privacy.

2. Hosting: We don't actually provide the hosting services for your site, we host our client sites with a company that specializes in hosting services. This is a variable price that depends on the amount of time you agree to host your site at a particular hosting company (in months or years), the space you need, the amount of bandwidth (how much traffic your site gets), and any custom features which may be required to make your site work like you want it to work (store front, security certificate, dedicated server, static IP address, etc.). The average cost is around $180 per year, however, if you have a large site and expect LOTS of visitors, the price goes up!!!

3. Setting up a web site: This pays for all the work necessary to get your initial page up and running. This includes the configuration and graphic work necessary to make your site look the way you want as well as setting up the features and functionality of the home page. Additionally, we will provide a demo/test site, that replicates the functionality of your live site so we can demonstrate new features and configurations prior to publishing them to your live site. This demo site will be available to you at no additional cost as long as you are one of our clients.

4. Installation of custom applications: This charge represents the time we need to install a custom application and get it working correctly and making it look like a integral part of your web site. Generally, depending on the complexity of the application, it takes between 1 and 4 hours to set up the application and configure it to match the look of your site.

4. General Web Site Maintenance: This is an hourly charge to change content or add features/functionality on any web site, not just sites we have created.

6. Additional Features: Some add-ons that give you certain functionality/capabilities incure additional costs because they may require special licensing fees, costs for storage space or whatever. So, it just depends on the vision you have for your web site. We will do our best to find/install the capabilities you want at the lowest possible price. Rest assured that we will NOT add a feature that incures additional costs without your approval!!! Most of these add-ons have a "demo" version that we can install on your test site so you can see if it works how you would like it to work prior to actually purchasing it.

Item Approximate Costs
Domain Name ~$25 per year
Hosting between $70-$500 per year
Setting up a web site $700 and up depending on required functionality
Installation & configuration of custom/additional applications $40 per hour
General Web Site Maintenance $40 per hour
Additional Features (Site Backups, User Editing, Photo Galleries, etc) Variable depending on possible licensing and configuration issues.

Additionally, we offer maintenance support packages at a reduced rate depending on the needs of your site.

These prices are subject to change without notice and depend on the actual complexity and work needed to build your site. If you are interested, please contact us or complete a Site Planning Worksheet and we will provide you with a written proposal detailing the actual costs based on the information you provide.