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Site Planning Worksheet

Thank you for considering Rocky Mountain Web Solutions® to build your website. Please complete the following worksheet. It is designed to communicate your needs and wishes for your website. Your vision is important to us!

Please enter the information below so we can contact you.
Your name?
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Your business or organization name?
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City, State, Zip?
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Please continue on and be as thorough as possible to give us the greatest understanding of your needs.

1. What type of site do you need?
Business - Informational
Business - e-Commerce
NonProfit - Informational
NonProfit - e-Commerce
Meeting Place (forums, chat, etc.)
Other (Please provide a brief description):
How do you envision you will be using this website?
How do you envision your visitors will be using this website?

2. What do you foresee as the primary purpose of this website?
Give the most important purpose a "1", next most important a "2", etc. Leave "NA" selected if a particular item does not apply.
To gain visibility for my business.
To strengthen brand identification.
To provide a means for visitors to contact us online.
To have the ability to poll or Worksheet my site visitors.
To sell products or services directly taking online payment information over the Internet.
To encourage potential customers to contact us by phone or mail to consummate a sale.
To demonstrate a need for a product or service.
To make product information and price lists available to distributors.
To attract customers to our local business.
To provide links to other similar sites.
To provide information about a specific topic.
To provide details on available services.
To help you acquire funds for a charity or community function.
To advertise/announce a charity or community function.
To increase participation in a specific area/activity.

3. Do you currently have any other websites?
Yes No
If yes; please give the url(s) so we can see your tastes.
Would you like us to maintain these sites as well?
Yes No

4. Site and Domain Names.
What name would you like for this website?
What domain name would you like?
Is this domain name.....
One that you are hoping for? Or, one that you have already registered?
Would you like to have email addresses associated with this domain?
Yes No
Do you require a secure site/site certificate?
Yes No

5. Please list any websites you frequent with a similar purpose.

6. Please list examples of other websites that you like and why you like them.

7. Copyright and trademark information could be indicated at the bottom of each page of your website.
Do you have any trademarks or service marks? If so, please list them here and indicate which are registered.

8. Please check the features you would like on this website.
A Guestbook for visitors to record comments
A response form for visitors to request information
A Worksheet for visitors to communicate their preferences
An online forum for visitor interaction
A file repository allowing people to upload/download files
Other (Please provide a brief description):

9. Do you already have content for this website?
Yes No
Will you require us to create other content?
Yes No
Will you need us to take pictures for this site?
Yes No
Please provide a list of pages you forsee on this site and if public or private.
(Example: home page, about me page, contact info, FAQ, links, news topics, etc.)
Provide examples of other functionality you envision.
(Example: random images, random quotes, RSS feeds, multiple templates, etc.)

10. How soon do you need the site online?
(provide dates, phased implementation possibilites, etc.)

11. Please enter any other applicable information or comments here.

12. Enter the characters you see in the image below: (required)
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After completing the Worksheet, please click the "Submit Worksheet" button ONCE , then wait for a reply.
You may cancel the Worksheet by returning to the main site or erase all your entries by clicking on the reset button.